A Rhetorical Analysis Of Article By Renee Engeln

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I agree with Renee Engeln’s article when discussing the problem with how people negatively talk about themselves.
The first topic Renee Engeln talks about is how often people express how large or in this case fat they feel. She writes about why should that matter? Why do we have the urge to tell people how we feel about ourselves and throw it out there in the open? In my opinion people do this for the sympathy of others. As people we want to feel a connection between one another. On the other hand we crave the attention of others and crave for that grey common area we all share. The common grey area each of us share acts as our buffer to make us all feel accepted in some shape or form. For example, a major social gathering for women is lunch or coffee. Typically when women come together it is a nonstop chatterbox were they share all of life’s festivities just to catch one another up on each other’s lives. Of course the most important part comes to play, lunch.
The menus glide across the linen table cloth, like a glass runs down the bar table, perfectly into their freshly manicured hands. The laminated plastic bubbles up from the protected paper incased within the plastic’s boundaries. The women’s fingertips force the plastic to concave as if it
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finally one of them looks up and quickly pushes out that she will be ordering a salad since she was bad yesterday, referring to her eating habits. She snaps the menu shut, as if saying ‘take that’ to the greasy burgers, crunchy and salty French friends, the ooey gooey molten lava cakes with that amazing half melted soft serve scooped on top that ends up in a beautiful marble pool on the plate. The other women know exactly what the snapping sound is referring to and unisonly flip their menus over to look at the scrumptious sponge cake abosribing the marble pool underneath it’s gorgeous, warm, chocolate volcano

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