Development Of Nursing : Nursing Profession, And Other Active Theories

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One can take for granted the knowledge that has already been discovered or they can look back and learn about the people who made the discoveries in their lifetime. There are lots of theorists, who have furthered the development of nursing theory. Each one has contributed to the development of nursing knowledge that is used, event to this day (textbook chapter 5). Throughout this paper, different nursing theorists will be discussed, as well as, their theories; an application to the nursing profession, and other active theories.
Nursing Theorists
A very well-known and talented nursing theorist was, Virginia Henderson. She contributed to the nursing profession during her 60 years of service as a nurse, teacher, author and researcher (textbook). She viewed the patient as someone who needs help toward achieving independence and wholeness of mind and body (textbook). Henderson wrote three books that are now nursing classics; but, her major contribution to nursing research was an “11-year Yale-sponsored Nursing Studies Index Project published as a four-volume-annotated index of nursing’s biographical, analytical, and historical literature from 1900 to 1959” (textbook pg. 45).
Virginia Henderson emphasized the art of nursing and proposed 14 basic human needs on which nursing care is based.
Here are Henderson’s 14 needs:
Breathe normally, eat and drink adequately, eliminate body wastes, move and maintain desirable postures, sleep and rest, select suitable clothes; dress and…

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