Dorothea Orem's Self-Care Theory Of Nursing

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Theory Paper
Identify of specific theory that you believe can be utilized in advanced practice and presentation of the key elements of the selected theory

Self Care Theory of Nursing Dorothea Orem’s Self Care theory of nursing is made up of three specific ideas. The three ideas are the theory of self-care, the self-care deficit theory, and the theory of nursing systems (Peterson, Bredow 2013). Several of the major ideas within the theory include that people distinct individuals are responsible for their own care. The person’s own base of knowledge is very important when it comes to maintaining health and preventing illness. The role of the advanced practice nurse is one of action, which allows and encourages patients to feel empowered to
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Being aware of and attending to effects and results of the illness. Carrying out medically prescribed diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative measures related to the illness. Being aware of, attending to, or regulating discomforting or deleterious effects of medical care. Modifying self-concept and self-image in accepting oneself as being in a particular state of health and in need of health care. Learning to live with the effects of pathologic conditions and states, the diagnostic and treatment measures in a life-style that promotes personal development (Denyes, Orem, & Bekel (2001), pp. 49-50). To summarize, when a person gets sick or there are bodily changes then it is their responsibility to seek out the appropriate information and care, as well as to carry out the care …show more content…
It adds to the nursing scope of knowledge and information. The research findings and overall theory can be used to treat patients accordingly. The theory can be positively used to influence a patient’s life by establishing and reinforcing self care techniques which were lacking beforehand. This means that the outcomes for patients are straightforward and east to follow by practitioner and patient alike. Specifically, under universal requisites, the aspect of care associated with elimination processes can be reinforced by encouraging the patient to participate in daily hygiene activities. For developmental requisites, if the woman is pregnant and has bodily changes, the patient will be educated in self care to broaden her knowledge base in order to take care of herself. When there’s a Health Deviation, under the Self-Care Requisites the practitioner can educate, and refer the patient to other resources. By using Orem’s model, it can increase the level of professionalism and increase the quality of

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