The Geometry Of Learning : A Classroom And The Vision I Have For My Future Classroom

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Since the beginning of our time together as a class, we have held many late night discussions on what geometry instruction may look like at the elementary level. I have learned about the Geometric Habits of Mind that should be present in our classrooms as we engage our students in geometric thinking. I have also had demonstrated for me what it looks like for a teacher to help his/her students move forward to higher Van Hiele levels of thought. These two systems of thinking, along with the readings and class activities, have helped to structure the discussions we have had as a class and the vision I have for my future classroom.
The five phases of learning, as discussed by Howse and Howse in Linking the Van Hiele Theory to Instruction, should “support students as they progress through the levels of geometric thought” (306). These phases of learning exhibit the learning processes I want to be present within my own classroom and progress in the following manner. Students are first presented with ideas that are geared towards sparking their prior knowledge and getting them to think about the mathematical topics they will be exploring. Students then work through tasks that have been carefully planned with specific learning goals in mind. They are then expected to verbalize concepts they are discovering and identify how this connects to other learning that has taken place. As they move forward, they generate their own ways of solving similar tasks in a way that makes sense to…

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