The Importance Of Math And Science

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Math and science is important for all ages, however, it is the foundation in the early stages of childhood that builds skills in other areas. Philosophically, math and science is defined differently. One studies patterns, while the other studies nature. Although they have differences, both subjects are the most closest to each other. In education they are connected and should be integrated with each other and other subjects. For example, when you think of scientists, math also comes into view. For scientists, math is a crucial subject that enables them to interpret data, make predictions, test theories, create formulas and much more. This, in its simplest form is also put into practice in early childhood. The commonalities between math and …show more content…
However, for science to advance, math is necessary. Despite the differences in definition and nature, both support each other and share similar attributes. Like math, problem solving skills and other concepts are used when solving problems. When measuring the correct amount of chemical, or exploring space, math is necessary to predict and solve problems. In preschool, this is also the same. When children are playing with building blocks they use both science and math to sort objects and create patterns. When it comes to science, a teacher’s role is to provide the materials, resources and guidance for the children to have opportunities to discover and explore problems. Let’s provide water tables and different materials for the children to explore. Although the teacher doesn’t directly have a lesson plan about objects that float or sink in the water prepared, through observation and experiments the children will start to notice the difference and use reasoning of how this happened without becoming aware of it. With a water lesson plan that revolves around science, teachers can use math skills to help children solve …show more content…
During science activities, children will sometimes use fine and gross motor skills as they participate in experiments. In both math and science, children will learn new vocabulary words as they complete activities. For example, when measuring, children will begin to use words like heavier, smaller, bigger and other words. When playing with math, children will come across words as addition, subtraction (plus/minus) and the equal sign is. While both math and science share attributes and are similar to each other, both subjects should be integrated with other subjects to help children develop in those areas. Also, by having children encounter math and science while teaching other area, will help them improve their skills and further support their achievements as they

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