Newton's Method Case Study

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Intro: Newtons Method: Haley F. / Andrew H.

Newton’s Method, also known as Newton-Raphson method, is a method used for finding the zeros, roots or in more simple terms where any given function exactly crosses the x access. In calculus we may be presented with problems given that we cannot find a definite answer to, but we can use Newton’s Method to calculate a group of answers that get closer and closer to the actual solution. Newton’s Method has given the world of calculus a method of finding extremely refined educated guesses to once before impossible questions to answer.

The numerical definition of Newton’s Method is defined as follows: If X1 is an initial guess for a solution to the equation f(x) = 0 , then Xn + 1 = − . If we are asked to f(Xn) f′(Xn) + Xn compute the √5 algebraically, without using a calculator, we can use newton 's method to get an approximate solution. First we know that the √5 is
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