Coming From An Awareness Of Language By Malcolm X And Frederick Douglass

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People who face hard times often find courage and determination in order to overcome their problems. The courage and determination that people find is often something they never thought they had and are taken by surprise when they come across it. If you have the right approach on difficult times, you can use them as a chance to grow as a person, as Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass did in their narratives. “Coming to an Awareness of Language” and “Learning to Read Write” tell the story of Malcolm X’s and Frederick Douglass’s struggles through challenges and how they used their own determination to achieve goals. In Malcolm X’s “Coming to an Awareness of Language” he narrates his experiences with language and how he broadened what he knew in order to better communicate. In Frederick Douglass’s “Learning to Read and Write” he tells the story of how even though he was not granted freedom learning was a freedom to him and he never gave up on that. Through “Coming to an Awareness of Language” and “Learning to Read and Write” it can be said that when a person sets their mind t something they believe in and focus hard on their goal, they can achieve it. My number one goal growing up was to always attend college but as a senior in high school I faced so many challenges that for sure could have held me back from achieving this goal. Even though challenges started to arise throughout my senior year I had the hard tasks out of the way. These challenges still played apart in my…

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