The Importance Of Acknowledging The Diversity Of Our Country Essay

1400 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
This essay will aim to argue the importance of acknowledging the diversity of our country, in particular, the transsexual community. Also discussed in this essay, is the issue of transsexual people feeling remote and experiences of discriminating against them through environments such as the workplace and education facilities as well as everyday life experiences. Furthermore, this essay will continue to highlight the injustice experienced by transsexual people. The need for a more diverse society in order for non-conforming people to feel at ease as well as creating a social norm that allows every person to feel accepted in their own communities. Because of the limited words, this essay will focus primarily on the transition of a male to female and female to male, and their feelings of fear, incorrectness, anger, discrimination, inequality, male privilege and the longing feeling of acceptance.

Throughout history and across cultures, gender diversity has existed but has not been accepted within communities, societies and was depicted as deviant. It has become a social norm to view transsexual people as the other. It is fair to say that gender is learnt by individuals, for example, through society’s values, behaviours and social norms. Though it can be further argued that gender is viewed as continuum, rather than a binary system. If we offer this alternative, combined with equality to opportunity and accepting each other differences in order to give those who identify as…

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