Discrimination : The Creator Of Microsoft Essay

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“Discrimination has a lot of layers that make it tough for minorities to get their leg up.” This quote is from Bill Gates, the creator of microsoft. Discrimination is not something to joke around with people about. Being discriminated is something people take to heart and will affect them personally. It is difficult for people to sand back up on their feet after being in a position that someone discriminates them. We see discrimination among many different groups, three of them being women, race, and disabilities. There have been many people and movements that have helped the discrimination in each of these groups for the better. Women are being discriminated in many different ways; it is commonly seen within the workforce. They are being told that they are unable to perform a certain task simply because they are female. Since people think that they cannot complete these tasks, it is reflected on their pay. This is seen in an article in the New York Times. “Studies have shown that women continue to earn less and advance more slowly than men, controlling for experience, education, time on the job and other variables.” (New York Times). The article continues to say that “Gender discrimination is clearly alive and well.” (New York Times).
Women do not fit the stereotypical leader as men do. Women have to work much harder to gain that type of respect and leadership. Looking back on America, almost every single strong leader was/is a male. It is very uncommon to see a strong…

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