Discrimination Against Women Essay

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Women of India has faced the discrimination for an era and this still continue to exist in numerous forms.According to the web definition “Any denial of opportunity or equality on the gender basis is a discrimination”. Nature never discriminate women from men. But the world has made the women victims of inequality.India has lately become outrageous for its continuous sexual abuse and discrimination against women. Sexual violence and harassment there is so widespread that it even has a tagged name: Eve-teasing. On the other hand mothers over there are may be practicing discrimination, as well, in how they act towards their daughters in the womb.It has turned out to be that Indian mothers were somewhat more likely to seek out better prenatal …show more content…
With such an underprivileged living, how can the world expect the living standard of the women to rise ? Both illiterate, as well as partially literate women have limited access to job opportunities and the health care in the country and also remain constricted to the bounds of the house work mostly like, looking after the entire family or raising children. Women are considered to be less capable to seek much opportunities, whereas men are believed to more capable with similar skills. The belief that women do not have an excellence quality to be the in-charge for high profile jobs or managerial positions is just another evidence that the discrimination does exists in the country like India. Property right are also implemented to be the sole right of the sons. Even though laws are now imposed for the rights of women as well on parent’s property, not many of the people are familiar with it mainly because of the lack of the education and usually do not follow as stated. Society normally favors men over women which usually gives them authority to make dreadful crime such as sexual abuse, rapes or eve-teasing. The discrimination against women is not just hindering the development and growth of the women at economic level but also on the social and personal level. However, the ratio …show more content…
Terminating pregnancies was only acceptable if the life of a pregnant women was at risk. Henceforth,In 1994 the government passed a new law making it illegal to use ultrasound scans to determine the sex of the baby. And it is so disgraceful to country that people use it kill the girls even before they are born.
Female foeticide is an absolute matter of humiliation for the couples who request for it and as well for the doctors who get ready to perform inhumane act of aborting an unborn girl child for the sake of easy money. We must take it as a social and moral responsibility to stop the practice of female foeticide and also educate and encourage others to stop it completely.A female has a right to take birth as she will be a daughter today and a wife and a future mother in the time to

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