The Government Of India Should Be Proactive And Ban Cigarettes Advertising

1212 Words Oct 11th, 2016 5 Pages
The Government of India decided to be proactive and ban cigarettes advertising in the country. Many voices were heard and many opinions shared.
The supporters of the ban theory had plenty of facts to support their demands. First of all that is a common practice in Western Europe. Countries like Belgium and France had done this decades ago. To ban advertising of cigarettes, which are hazardous to the people`s health and is in the top 5 leaderboards of addicting substances is also not against the country constitution. This was confirmed in the courts of both France and Belgium as the debate raised the question up to the supreme and to the constitutional court. The supporters also cite facts about mortality rate caused by smoking. Millions of people die annually and the numbers are increasing. Cancer, heart diseases and strokes are just some of the illnesses caused by smoking. The fact that advertisers and tobacco manufacturers use animation and other advertising in order to be more appealing to children does not strike only huge debate within the community, but also raises the question how moral is this action and who is the real target consumer. People who are accepting the ban also claim that employment is unlikely to rise in the long run as money spent until now on cigarettes will not disappear from the economy they will be just redistributed into other goods. Generally it is concluded that if ban on cigarettes will be performed it should be complete media ban as otherwise…

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