The United States Of The Post American Revolution Essay

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The United States of America in the Post-American Revolution was overflowing with joy, fear and cautious optimism. The world had held its breath as it watched thirteen small imperial colonies succeed in defeating the British Empire and wining its long sought after independence. Unfortunately, the defeat of Britain was only the beginning of the woes America would face. It would come down to two prominent political intellectuals of the time, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, to take it upon themselves to heed this danger. Together they sought to persuade their colleagues and the masses through secret and not so secret writings and meetings.
Both Hamilton and Jefferson understood that their new found freedom came with the heavy cost of internal and external issues. The most demanding of these issues though primarily dealt with foreign policy during the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams. Despite the fact that both men understood the need to address these important issues, neither truly agreed on what these issues were nor the remedy in which to treat them. Nevertheless, it is in my opinion that Jefferson’s argument and unwavering commitment to the common people that truly rise him above and beyond that of Hamilton.
It is without question that France was one of the largest contributing factors in the success of the American Revolution. It was one of the first major European powers to give diplomatic recognition to the new budding state. Yet despite the…

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