Effective Hand Hygiene And It 's Benefits Essay

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Running head: EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE Effective Hand Hygiene and It’s Benefits Cristina Quiles Nyack College Introduction to Professional Nursing 10/9/16 EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE
In a healthcare facility, protecting both the client and the health care professional is the most important aspect to keep in consideration when caring. Hand washing was discovered to be the most successful way for protecting against the spread of disease. However, over time, hand washing and hand hygiene has evolved into hand sanitizing soaps and gels. However, hand washing is the most efficient way of killing bacteria. Learning the procedures to effective hand washing and the best times can help reduce the spreading and acquiring of infections. This not only protects the client but also their caretaker in a hospital setting. EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE
Effective Hand Hygiene and It’s Benefits Introduction
Hand washing has become a necessity for prevention of spreading infections. It has become a responsibility for every customer service establishment, whether it is a hospital or a deli, and a courtesy for all people to care for one another. However, hand washing was not an essential in the beginning of times. In fact, doctors and nurses would care for a patient and then move onto another patient without cleaning their hands. It wasn 't until Ignaz Semmelweis realized that hand washing is the key to preventing infections, till it became a requirement for service to others. Today, hand…

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