The Learning Processes That Are Used For Behavioral And Cognitive Psychology, Conditioning, And Observational Conditioning

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Introduction Phobias are persistent, exaggerated fears. Cynophobia which is the fear of dogs. Various if not customary and in good physical shape individuals have illogical fears near dogs attacking them, especially a vicious large dog, receiving medical shots, and so forth. Sally has a phobia of dogs. For the reason of her phobia, psychologists may condition her to no longer have her fear through the use of alternative learning processes. The three main learning processes that are utilized in behavioral and cognitive psychology are classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational conditioning. In Sally case, such as fears are a major annoyance, nothing to be teased about, but she is so absolutely submissive by her phobias and is unable to lead a normal life. Sally needs evade vulnerable places or she will be terrified into panic, whenever she sees a dog finds that her ability to deal with everyday demands of life is considerably compromised. Normally, a phobia is a very intense fear that may impact an individual’s behaviors, and their personality Cervone & Pervin, pg. 127, (2010).
Operant Conditioning Cynophobia is the name for a person’s fear of dogs. With Sally having Cynophobia, she may have that fear from issues in her past or from some past learning experience in her environment. For example, Sally could have the fear because of operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a type of learning that occurs when the strength of…

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