The Case Of Scott Is Talking More Of Those Moments Of Sadness And Suicidal Ideation

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The most important thing that needs attention in the case of Scott is talking more of those moments of sadness and suicidal ideation. Although sometimes is uncomfortable for the client and us as the therapist we have to talk about it openly. Find the reasons to think about suicide, find solutions and give him support. Search risk factors, and assess the risks, intervene promptly to reduce the risk, analyze his reasons for living and dying, apparently in this case is the impulses, fantasies, and principles, such as moral values.
He must understand that sexual orientation is different from sexual behavior because it refers to feelings and self-concept. Therefore, a person may or may not express their sexual orientation in their sexual behavior. The ideal is that sexual orientation is consistent with sexual practices, but as homosexuality and bisexuality have not been, and are well accepted in some people, societies, and religions. What is real is that in societies where homosexuality or bisexuality is rejected, the people of these guidelines are easier to experience psychological problems as a result of discrimination and misunderstanding. Although Scott is accepted the idea of being abnormal, he is afraid of rejection of his family and the whole society. He is terrified with his ideas and past events, sex attracts and terrifies him. As Murray argued that "Sex attracts or terrifies, both are phenomena’s that are mutually eliminated, rarely is somewhere in the middle" (Murray,…

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