Halloween - From The Celtic Peoples Essay

1348 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Laura Pollard
Professor Pricket
English 101 Section 40
6 October 2016 Halloween - From the Celtic Peoples to America As the air turns crisp and the trees erupt into an explosion of orange and burgundy- much like the flames of a phoenix 's fiery death- cobwebs, ghosts, and pumpkins begin to adorn the lawns and porches of American homes. Halloween is drawing near, and goblins, ghouls and witches abound in store windows and school hallways. [3] Halloween is a widely celebrated American tradition, but its origins are much older than the country itself. The beloved holiday has its roots in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, pronounced "sah-win". Most of the modern traditions associated with Halloween can be traced back to traditions that began with Samhain, were incorporated into Christian holidays, and then brought to America by European immigrants. [2] Samhain was a Celtic festival with a strong influence of the supernatural; it was absorbed into the existing Christian holiday of All Saints Day when Chrisitan missionaries came to convert the Celtic peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland, and France. The Celtic year began on November 1st, which was the beginning of winter (Santino). The festival of Samhain was celebrated on the evening before; it was the most important holiday of the Celtic peoples, celebrating the end of summer and the harvest while welcoming winter (Santino; Mescher). Spirits walked the earth during Samhain, because this was the time of year when all of…

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