The Differences Between Culture, Race And Religion Essay

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Apart from the differences in culture, race or religion, all men the same questions about their own identity, their origin, their destination, the existence of evil, the enigma that follows death arises. That is, find an ultimate truth that gives meaning to your life. For much of the current thinking, however, it is a wild goose chase, for man would be unable to reach the truth.

This is the starting point that has given rise to the thirteenth encyclical of John Paul II, which was published on 15 October. The Pope wants to step out of this cultural situation that has shaped a way of thinking according to which everything is subjective: the truth would be the result of consensus. It is a climate of uncertainty that affects everyone, but the new generations who are more exposed: lack of benchmarks, or are offered "proposals to the ephemeral value range". Therefore, the Church "wishes to affirm the need to reflect on the truth."

Daring with radical questions

Among the many ways that man has to progress in the knowledge of the truth stands philosophy. "The philosophy was born and developed from the moment man began to question why things and purpose". But, in recent times, philosophy, "instead of relying on the ability of the man to know the truth, has chosen to emphasize its limits and constraints".

"They have emerged in contemporary man, and not only among philosophers, attitudes of widespread distrust of the great cognitive resources…

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