Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

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Self Reflection I am 28 years old, I live in Las Vegas, I am currently enrolled in a Master’s program, and I am a homeowner. None of the things I have listed would have been possible without my mother’s hard work and struggle. In order to attempt to define myself and explain how far I’ve come, I must first explain where I was born, what my values are and how I was brought up. I was born in Honduras in a small rural town to a 17-year-old single mother. She was one of 12 children raised by a single parent household. Having witnessed her mother’s life and choices, she was committed to break the circle and overcome her environment. After becoming a mother, she relocated numerous of times, always having me along her side, always looking for better opportunities. Each move had challenges and rewards. Along the way, we became Americans and achieved the American dream. In this self-reflection I will examine how each relocation impacted, changed and challenged me creating the person who I am today. My mother was one of the eldest children of a total of 12. Her town was three hours from the capital city, development and enrichment opportunities for children were not available. Education was only for influential people, or younger siblings whose expectations were not as demanding compared to the eldest’. My grandmother was a victim or rural traditions and lack of social systems. She was left by her partner and was by default to main care taker to her 12 children. In small town,…

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