Social Institution : A Designated Location Or Area Essays

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Social institution: a designated location or area that consists of a multitude of roles in which individuals must act accordingly. The concept of a “social institution” is designed to be inclusive and provide a blueprint for society to function in specific locations. These locations are usually the ones in which individuals in society are seeking to progress and move forward in societal stratifications. Thus, it is universally accepted that education, specifically an educational institution similar to a school, is a social institution in which students, teachers, and other members of the staff work to progress societal standards. Although it is believed that all members of an education system are contributing to this progression in society, it is the students who ultimately work to provide individual success. Students across the country work in order to sustain a greater grasp into social mobility. The ideal of “social mobility” is the ability to move up or down in societal stratification. Therefore, it is believed that students, specifically students in high school and college, work to hold their societal position or to progress higher in society’s hierarchy. With this perspective, students are now solely focused on their education only to reap the benefits that higher education provides. This perspective is problematic due to the fact that it causes many students to focus unconsciously on the necessary tasks to complete this goal, specifically focusing on the grades…

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