Nursing Role : Professional And Unprofessional Conduct Essay

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1. Nursing Role: In what ways did the RN utilize critical thinking in each setting? What professional/unprofessional conduct did you observe while in these settings?

The nurse demonstrated flexibility by being open to change of the treatment plan. For example, a patient was scheduled for a lipid panel and was supposed to be fasting, but was eating prior to her scheduled appointment due to discomfort. The nurse was flexible by rescheduling her lipid panel and adjusting her treatment plan for the day. Additionally, the nurse must also be independent and time oriented to accommodate all the patients during the time the facility is open. She demonstrated this by organizing which patients to treat first. Some patients required more treatments or longer treatments, so it was best to start those first. She was also able to get a medication that a doctor had not prescribed for the patient to treat nausea the patient was experiencing. Furthermore, she was also empathetic and courageous by listening to struggles the patients were having and showing compassion. To illustrate, the RN must also be able to administer medications that although they treat the illness, they cause destruction to the body. Also, the RN must be courageous by understanding that the treatment may not be able to save the patient’s life. The nurses exhibit professionalism by being prompt to patient’s request. Not a moment was wasted to ensure the comfort of their patients. They were very knowledgeable about…

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