Competence In Nursing Essay

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Competence is a primary aspect that contributes to the role of professionalism in nursing. It is important to begin competency in nursing school by understanding and performing the skills required. There have been instances during clinical rotations where licensed registered nurses have not demonstrated the use of proper technique during skills. Some of these unsafe techniques include breaking sterile field, inserting an intravenous catheter after contaminating the site, and administering multiple oral medications, at once, through a PEG tube. By not demonstrating competency, the nurse is putting the patient’s safety at risk. Understanding evidence-based practice, and keeping current on new techniques can help facilitate the nurse to minimize harm to the patient. “The faculty of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Institute and a National Advisory Board worked together to define the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the development of professionalism and the education of future nurses” (Cronenwett et al., 2007). Student nurses and licensed nurses should read and understand QSEN for their residential state, and be able to maintain the expectations that are outlined in the document.
Lifelong learning is another example of professional
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The evolution of nursing has given more autonomy, or independence, to the nursing staff. With this increase in responsibility, nurses have to be accountable to their actions when they witness or experience deviation in the role of a nurse. For example, if a nurse makes a medication error, it needs to be reported immediately to the provider and charge nurse. Failing to report this error is a breach in accountability. This concept is very essential to maintaining patient safety and quality care. Also, if a nurse witnesses another nurse being unprofessional or unsafe, it should be reported and addressed without

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