Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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Elementary school is a time where lunches are extra sticky with applesauce, classrooms are chock-full with horseplay and petty fights, and physical education is filled with pants less children? Magnolia Park Elementary School was the place that I called home from grades one through four. Every day was filled with complete excitement being that I had two of my very best friends – Julie and Rachel – in my homeroom class. Julie, Rachel, and I were like peas and carrots; we went to language arts, math, the restroom, and even recess connected at the hip. There was an equilibrium when we had all three pieces of the puzzle. I preferred for us to be called the tripod, but there was not a unanimous vote on that name for the group, suggestions ranging from the Jackson three to the dream team were discussed and abandoned as well. Friday July 6, 2004 was the day the holy trinity was broken; Rachel did not arrive for 11: 45a.m phonics. She had a runny nose and a sore throat that she complained of the day prior. Julie and I waited with our eyes as wide as the Grand Canyon’s depth. We knew that today would be filled with bad luck and despair, if Rachel did not make it within the next twenty minutes. How could she not show up? Our next destination was recess, and she was completely aware of “unwritten rule # 206: never leave the trio a duo!” Julie and I realized the clock had struck 12:05; the unthinkable had happened. We were off to recess, merely two lost souls. We knew the decisions…

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