Essay on The Effects Of Exercise On College Students

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Any four-year college student will share with you the emotional turmoil and stress that each and every student here in the United States faces every day. With grades or GPA becoming ever more prominent as a measure of intelligence, students face stresses to compete with one another for perfection. These stresses eat away at some students, while other strive under them. Health can play a role in these stresses. Exercise has been shown, even in as small amounts as 30 minutes a day, to relieve stress and improve brain activity. Exercise is a beneficial piece to a 4-year college student in the Untied State’s life. Exercise can improve socialization, allow for reduced perceived stress, and create better mental health. “Interventions aiming to improve mental well-being of college students should also consider promoting physical activity. At least some of the positive benefits of physical activity may arise from social interactions” (VanKim, 2016). Students thrive best when they have good social surroundings, friends, and are less stressed from the exercise they participate in.

The current state of the problem is less than promising. Many students will use the excuse that they are too busy to exercise. Others would rather drink their problems away. Regardless, the problem upon this country is a dire one. “Weight gain occurs in college students threatening optimal weight maintenance. Physical activity is fundamental to preventing disease. College students incur multiple challenges…

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