Analysis Of The Documentary ' Food Inc ' Essay

1272 Words Oct 10th, 2016 6 Pages
America has made a lot of changes in the past on becoming more inventive, resourceful, and as well as industrialized. Due to the variations in how our food industries operate, small family-owned farms have rapidly vanished leaving us with large, industrialized productions that mass produce for the benefit of the Large Corporations. Americans expect to be able to have large quantities of food available for purchase at anytime and at a low price. Unfortunately in order to get that food to us at low prices, we have to sacrifice aspects of animal rights, human rights, the environment, and health. In the documentary “Food Inc.” I learned that the US moved towards an industrial food system with the creation of McDonalds. As McDonald’s and other fast food chains expanded, so did the mass demand for standardized food products. How do we get this food produced at such a high rate? It’s coming from factories with huge assembly lines where both the workers and food are being abused. In particular, the film focuses on a battery farm where there are chickens surrounded by dust and sitting in their own feces, getting bigger and bigger by the day to be sent to the plant for processing. It was mentioned that it doesn’t even matter if the chickens are sick, they will still be sent to the plant. These chickens are raised to grow unnaturally bigger, only to generate more product for the consumers. The problem is that their bones and internal organs cannot keep up with the rapid growth, so…

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