Writing I - Literacy Narrative Essay

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Writing I - Literacy Narrative
Kyu Hyeon Kim
Title : The Advocate of Dictatorship or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Nature

I, hereby, declare that I am the strong advocate of dictatorship. The dictatorship justified from every moment of the revolutionary. The revolutionary ready to break every ground of everything to impact like a meteor. The meteor born from groundless, furious enough to penetrate without any hesitations. Therefore, I, as the dictator, formal and current revolutionary, and meteor, defend myself and my obsession in the harmony of reading and writing.

The dictator never gives up his power. He knows the power from the reading and writing. He knows that power influences other people. Colorful covers of scenarios and scripts. I must be fascinated by such numerous colors. They were scattered in my house and father’s car. They were different and in a sequence. Their covers were different colors with same shape. Whenever I hopped on his car, I regarded his SUV seats as if I were in the cozy chair ready to start reading. I didn’t stop even in the night. My parents always said “Kyu, why don’t you stop reading. It’s too dark to read something, and the car is shaking like a shipwreck.” That never stopped me from reading. Just the words, but each of them was a private theater for me. I just imagined every part of text that I can think of from the reading. Sometimes, I could feel the tension between two enemies right before they fight. Sometimes I could…

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