An Insight On How Humanity Can Conquer Health Issues Essay

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Since the dawn of time man has struggled with the concept of death: It is a dilemma that has caused concern and turmoil to many. Our brains riddle us questions concerning death, regardless of how inevitable the event may be. The not knowing when it will happen, how it will happen or whether we have enough time in our hands. Yet every day we have new hope of a longer lives; new innovations and medications. We may not be able to achieve immortality this very moment, but we can settle for the next best thing: longevity. Nonetheless, before longevity comes health. We must first conquer the intangible ways of our health, if we wish to live a little longer. This is where Hormesis comes in. Hormesis is a theory that has had its ups and downs in the scientific community. However, thanks to Edward Calabrese it is one step closer to providing an insight on how humanity can conquer health issues. In this paper we shall define and discuss the concept of Hormesis. Specifically, we shall discuss whether the concept of Hormesis is existed. We shall also discuss the two types of Hormesis, inhibition and stimulation. More specifically we shall discuss the role Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Radiation Therapy play in Hormesis as it relates to radiation. Finally, we shall discuss our thoughts on the Hormesis theory; specifically, if it a feasible concept or simply far-fetched. Hormesis is defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH) as an “Environmental agent characterized by a low dose…

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