A Brief Note On Werner 's Syndrome ( Ws ) Essay

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Werner’s syndrome (WS) is a very rare autosomal recessive disease that will cause premature aging for both men and women, where symptoms may start showing up during or after puberty and will continue on through their entire lifetime.1 This being said, there is a great disproportion between a patient’s real age and the perceived appearance age. A patient that is diagnosed with WS will age progressively faster than its peers, and the median lifespan is around 54 years of age.2 Another name for this condition is “adult progeria”3 or “adult-onset progeria4”. The first case of WS was studied by a man named Otto Werner in 19045, after which only approximately 1,500 new cases have been discovered up until 2011.4 As of now, there is still no cure for WS, but there are treatments for the symptoms the patient experiences.1 Based on the research articles found, there is no concrete evidence that subtypes occur in WS. The prevalence in Canada is extremely low due to WS being very uncommon, so no research statistics was found for Canada.
The first symptom of WS that begins to develop during puberty would be a shorter stature, where they will not have a regular growth spurt.1 As the disease continues to progress, symptoms that are usually seen would be a higher-pitched and weaker voices due to non-developed vocal cords1, bilateral cataracts in the eyes1, loss of hair or the graying of hair1 and facial features that are “pinched” at the bridge of the nose.7 These patients will be…

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