Transformational Leadership Characteristics Affect The Medium

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Article I:
The primary purpose, which relates to my overall theme, of this empirical study was to determine how transformational leadership characteristics affect the medium through which subordinate individuals attempt to influence their transformational leader. The three mediums that the study is based on are: soft, hard, and rational. The conductor of the study hypothesized that the subordinate individuals would plausibly utilize a soft – inspirational and charismatic – and rational – intellectually stimulating and individualistic – approach when influencing their leaders. Hence, an experiment was conducted in order to validate or falsify this hypothesis. The subjects of the study were an amalgamation of undergraduate and graduate students of a northeast business school, and included both genders – men (228) and women (223). In order to avoid any gender bias, a one-page scenario was crafted for both a male and a female. Consequently, during class time the subjects randomly received one of the two available scenarios, and were asked to consider themselves as subordinate individuals in the organization, and honestly answer the questions in the “27 item behavioral based POIS”- a form composed of a series of questions that eventually concludes which of the three mediums the subject is most likely to utilize in influencing his/her transformational leader. Then, a “Multivariate Analysis of Variance” was used to test the relationship between the transformational characteristics…

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