Essay about The Game Of The Football Game

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The most popular sport in the south, football, is a game that stumbled out of rugby and soccer. In 1823, English soccer player, William Ebb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it, inspiring the students of Princeton to become involved in a sport they called “ball town”. The first football game took place on November 6th of 1869 in Brunswick, New Jersey between the Rutgers and Princeton. One hundred spectators gathered to watch a game with no helmets, uniforms or developed scoring system. The Rutgers won the game with a final score of 6 to 4. Walter Camp, the father of American football, later evolved the rules of the game as a coach and athletic director at Yale. Today, most football teams use a well-developed point system along with jerseys and other athletic clothes including cleats, mouth guards, shoulder pads, and helmets.
At Hoover High School, a public school found in Birmingham, Alabama; this game has become an important aspect of student life. Throughout the summer, Hoovers’ players work rigorously, practicing every morning from five to nine. In addition, they attend a week-long camp in Scooba, Mississippi where the athletes work day in and day out to strengthen the team. Once school starts, they will spend around 6 hours a day on the field between morning and afternoon practices while attending a full day of school in-between. Throughout the school’s involvement in football, they have won eleven state championship titles, creating a dynasty within the…

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