Gale Ranch Middle School Case Study

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Ever since Gale Ranch opened, there has been a school dress code. Gale Ranch students melted into a pool of anger and are now breaking it. Some students don’t like dress code because they think it doesn’t affect their learning and it doesn’t allow them to express themselves. Students seem to ignore the fact that the dress code is there to make the environment easier to learn in, so that students would not be distracted by what other people are wearing. Staff at Gale Ranch makes sure students follow the dress code by making them go to the office, and change into PE clothes. According to the Gale Ranch Middle School handbook, “as a professional environment, appearance and dress must be within the limits of safety, cleanliness, and appropriateness …show more content…
“I always look at the way someone dresses, I can always tell what kind of person they are” Declared Kelli Chu, eighth grade student at Gale Ranch Middle School. The school handbook clearly states that school is a professional environment. “In order to look professional, you have to wear professional clothing” Announced Mrs. Johnson, when she was going over the dress code policy during tutorial. Some think Mrs. Johnson’s students looked at Mrs. Johnson with disgust, because they were whispering to one another about how nobody followed school dress code. Gale Ranch Students doesn’t like school dress code because they think they should be able to wear clothes that expresses themselves. “I like to wear short, tight skirts and leggings to school, but I can’t since the school has a dress code. I can’t express myself or show my taste of style.” Annica Taylor, eighth grader from Gale Ranch Middle school exclaimed. It’s like how the girls (Hannah, Aria, Emily, and Spencer) from pretty little liars felt once their parents told them they couldn’t wear whatever they

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