Essay on The Court Of Juvenile Crime

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Court Observation

Juvenile crime is undoubtedly a controversial issue in Canadian politics. With decades of research and multiple different acts that have been passed in regards to the juvenile/youth justice system, youth justice in Canada is found to be quite lamentable. What is meant by “controversy” in juvenile crime is that there are many disagreements on the action that is necessary in dealing with a juvenile delinquent. Is the punishment too small? Is the punishment too severe? The controversy behind this is an occurring process to this day and we will look further into how youth justice started, and how it came to be to this day. I had the chance to go view a juvenile delinquent’s court case proceeding. The court room consisted of a judge, prosecutors, police officers and etc. Based on the readings from “Youth at Risk and Youth Justice” textbook and in class lectures, the first thing that got my attention was how formal the proceeding was. Everything that goes on in a formal adult court case proceeding was happening in this juvenile delinquent’s case. The way the judge was going about addressing the criminal youth was exactly how an adult offender would be addressed as. In the sense that this person has committed an illegal act, thus this person shall be called upon as a delinquent individual. Youth court is very congruous with adult court in terms of setting, attire, and most definitely with being charged with felonies. But how similar is modern day youth justice…

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