Analysis Of ' The Stranger ' By Albert Camus Essay

1478 Words Oct 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Meursaut: A simply careless character There are two types of completely opposite characters that can be represented throughout a novel; static and dynamic characters. All characters in a story fall within this range. A static character is simply described as someone who does not undergo an important change in the course of a story. Throughout a compelling story, the character would remain the same even though they may experience life changes. The static characters do not experience a change of confidence, persona, or morals. The second type of character possible is a dynamic character. Dynamic characters go through an important inner change, as well as possibly a major life transition, experience, or develop and mature throughout the range of the novel. Static and dynamic characters do not depend on the changes that happen to the character, but instead, it depends on the changes that happen within the character. In a novel by Albert Camus, “The Stranger”, Meursaut is the main character who is a simply static character. He demonstrates the true definition of a static character throughout the whole story. Meursaut possesses many character traits such as being easy going, manipulative, showing little to no emotion nor remorse, and also borderline insane or psychopath. He keeps these traits throughout the whole story without change, no matter what life experiences he goes through. In this novel, the readers start off knowing little to no information about Meursaut, other than…

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