The Impact Of Media On Society 's Life Magazine Birmingham 1963 Protest Photo

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Over the years, media has been a strong element of entertainment. Whether photographs or videos, there is a strong expectation of an aesthetic or humorous appeal. However, in some rare occasions, they provide a powerful emotional appeal. Like Kevin Carter’s The Vulture and the Little Girl where a vulture was waiting to devour a starving five-year-old girl about to die of hunger, Charles Moore’s Life Magazine Birmingham 1963 Protest photo employs different photography elements such as focus, contrasts and shutter speed to capture a very pathetic moment and send a clear message to people around the world about events in a certain environment. As we progress in this analysis, I would refer to the image as “The Water Hose”.
Philip White, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner all remind us of two important things: America’s tense history of racial tension and the pertinent role of photos and videos in the dissemination of happenings and description of events. In the 1960s, there was a very strong presence of civil unrest which aimed to transform America into an egalitarian society. Amongst these numerous civil unrests was the Birmingham 1963 protest which sought to abolish the segregation laws that existed in Birmingham, Alabama. In this unpleasant moment, a powerful photograph similar to the videos that have exposed the unpleasant situations of today was captured. Unlike the images of Eric Garner that is taken by by-standing amateur photographers who are chanced to be in…

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