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Causes of Hypothyroidism?
1. Iatrogenic: radiation, thyroidectomy
2. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
3. Congenital hypothyroidism
4. Rx
5. Secondary causes
Labs to check?
TFTs = Thyroid Function Panel
TSH, Free T4/T3
Lab findings in primary hypothyroidism?
< free T4 and T3
Labs in subclinical hypo?
Normal T4 and T3
EKG findings in hypothyroidism?
Low amplitude QRS complexes
** T waves are flat or inverted
Replace hormone. Synthroid
Pre-existing hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Any concerns?
Might need to > dose 2nd pregnancy. Check TSH q semester.
Other lab findings in hypothyroidism
> Chol, > Triglycerides, > CPK, >LDH, CBC with Macrocytic Anemia
Major complication
Myxedema, usually brought on with stress, cold, infxn, narcotics. S/SX: stuporous, resp. depression with hypercarbia.
Hashimoto's lab/imaging findings
+ anti-thyroid antibodies
Maybe palpable