The Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

1730 Words Dec 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Identity The media has brainwashed many people through their deceitful ways and lies. While they would never admit this, the media is the most racist ‘platform’ on earth. The media can consist of many news platforms such as Fox News, CNN, BBC, Wall Street and much more. social media is also another platform where you can share your life and treasure memories, but many individuals and news platforms use it as a way to directly influence others. There is a saying that one shouldn’t believe everything they view online. Since anyone has the power to put anything online and make it believable. However, does this saying apply to the news platforms that made it their goal to feed people ‘news’ and lies? I don’t believe that the social media is any different than the media itself. These platforms are feeding lies and a bunch of racist comments that become the norm because it’s “The News’. I, myself, identify as Somali, Arab, Muslim, Black, and a woman. All of these identities are often ‘oppressed’ when it comes to perspective. My claim is not in any way that the oppression of minorities happen to the identities stated, but that oppression exists in this world and just that the media has found a way to put multiple identities in one category. Many of the identities that I associate with is not accurately represented in many platforms like in Hollywood and the news. I am a multi-cultured individual. I identify as Arab, because I am a Saudi Arabian national. Somali, because it’s my…

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