How Self Esteem Influences An Individual Essay

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As human beings, we are by nature social creatures. Communicating with others, whether to gain information, feel emotional support, or simply to have another person to talk to about everyday life, is a crucial part of humanity’s very existence. Looking back on the evolution of mankind, staying with one’s group was a matter of life and death in harsh environments with dangerous predators, food shortages, and hostile weather, and without the ability to communicate and maintain a tribe mentality, the species surely would not have survived. After so many years of living this way, it would make sense that needing to be connected with other humans has become a part of mankind’s very nature. This then begs the question, if interpersonal attachment is a characteristic of our species that is so intrinsic it would be impossible to deny, why is it then that some people choose to keep to themselves, closed off from many social interactions? The goal of this paper is to explore this question, specifically as it pertains to how self-esteem influences an individual’s tendency to interact and communicate with others.
Self-Esteem Influences Social Interactions
It may seem obvious that an individual who has low self-esteem would also be very shy and reserved, and therefor refrain from engaging socially with others, and that conversely, those with high self-esteem would be confident and outgoing, and therefore be more comfortable in social settings. However, extensive research on this topic…

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