Movie Review : ' The Movie ' Essay example

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I chose to watch a movie about a man who has schizophrenia. The movie is called A Beautiful Mind. The movie starts out with John arriving at Princeton University for graduate school. John soon becomes friends with his roommate Charles. John was a very smart man who was good with math and was somewhat awkward. A few years later John goes on to teach at MIT and becomes involved with one of his students named Alicia and then later marries her. As the movie progresses, John begins to become more and more paranoid and believes he is being followed and chased. While delivering a speech at Harvard John “sees” people watching him and storms out and was then taken to a psychiatric facility. John had begun having hallucinations when he was in graduate school. Johns hallucinated that he had a roommate named Charles Herman. John also believed that he was a government spy. John believed that the government has put him into hiding because the Russians believe his profile is too high and they are trying to stop him from doing his work. While his wife is visiting him he tells her that he’s been working for a man, breaking codes and dropping off these packages in a secret government mailbox. But this man he had been working for wasn’t real. In the beginning of the movie the man he “works for” puts an implant into his arm. While John is in the institution, the nurses find him all bloody and he keeps saying the implant is gone. John then getting a series of insulin shock therapy sessions and…

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