Essay on Subliminal Advertising And Its Effect On The Subconscious

1081 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Every day we are subjected to so many different forms of media and advertising. When we view so many forms of information it makes us wonder how much we actually take in and realize we take in. Subliminal advertising, a form of subliminal messages to sell a product or service, is an effective way to persuade individuals to receive underlying messages from companies. There are two types of subliminal stimuli, auditory and visual, which can reach an individual below their conscious mind. Means to use subliminal advertising have been disproven before, but how can we classify what it is marketers and advertisement agencies are actually trying to tell us in the ads and media that we see every day? In this essay, I want to go in detail what attempts have been made to use subliminal advertising, the “disproven” method of subliminal messages and how they “don’t” effect our subconscious, and briefly explain how the cumulative effects theory could lead to subliminal advertising being plausible.
There have been many studies done to say that subliminal advertising doesn’t the unconscious mind, but many of studies are inconclusive and don 't really research the full extent of what they are looking for out of the study. Of the two types of subliminal stimuli the biggest attempt made are visual. The way that visually subliminal messages are used includes flashing an image so fast that a person doesn 't realize that they saw a different image with an intended message or not is comprehended,…

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