The Truth And Charity Essay

1347 Words Dec 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Unfortunately, Satan is running violently and unrestrained in the world today for Christians to say; in good faith you can abort a baby. The Catholics for Free Choice––an advocacy group, say you can in good faith abort a baby. The mere statement to have an abortion in good faith is ludicrous and even hypocritical to what God’s word says. In like manner, Mary Langlois writes on the Truth and Charity “Indeed the word ‘Catholic’ isn’t merely an adjective that modifies one’s personal opinions. To be Catholic is to partake in a sacramental reality, with logical claims to authority that flow from the essence of the faith.” So, can a person who has faith in Christ Jesus, studies His word, and who deeply loves Him, actually make a conscience based decision to have, or to advocate an abortion? Controversially, The Catholics for Free Choice advertise assorted people on their web page who give a personal approval to free choice appealing to ethos (see figure1). Utilizing logos and pathos, these statements being interlaced with Christian jargon such as faith, moral, and God-given to confuse the audience–– the Christian women audience. In addition, the brobdingnagian social media’s site––Facebook, published these photos and statements. Many newspapers in metropolitan areas in and around September 13, 2016 also published the ad (see figure1). The ethos, or the character appeal, is the photograph and an ad for “Abortion in Good Faith”. One of ads had a partial statement…

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