Human Genetic Engineering And Its Glitches Essay

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Human Genetic Engineering and Its Glitches
Everybody deserves the right to have control of their own body. When the choice is made by a parent(s) to use genetic engineering to create their wanted child, the fetus has no choice but to be the way it was designed to be. Although human genetic engineering (HGE) is helpful to prevent harmful diseases and disorders, some people selfishly use this method to make a “designer baby,” for which they can create a child with the physical traits they desire. No matter the reasons one has for making the complicated choice for using genetic engineering to create their offspring, the same problems and concerns go along with it. Human genetic engineering has many ethical issues and unnecessary risks; therefore, scientists should limit their research in this contentious field.
Human genetic engineering is the process of changing the genetics of a child that can be used to prevent genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, or it can be used to alter the phenotypes of a person such as blue eyes. The process of human genetic engineering is not offered to just anybody. Not many people have their patent approved for this action. In the year of 2002, only 7,763 patents were approved in the United States that granted a person to take part in biotechnology (see Figure 1). This is a very costly procedure and because of this, many insurance plans do not cover this action. Even people that have trouble with getting pregnant or keeping a baby, such as…

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