Gender Inequality Within The World Essay

1285 Words Dec 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Almost all cultures in the world are set up within a binary system. These cultures force people to conform to either adherently masculine characteristics to show they are male or adherently feminine characteristics to show that they are in fact female. From the time a person is born they are taught ways in which they should act in order to conform to their culture’s ideas on their role based on their gender. Anyone who does not conform to these characteristics is chastised and marked as being a freak for not fitting into societal norms. There are people who have spent their whole lives studying the way people act in accordance to their gender and rather or not it is necessary and born within them or unnecessary and a taught action.
Sandra Bem argues that when people act in accordance to their gender it is because they were taught to act that why and how that leads to people being unbalanced human beings. She believes that gender is constructed by society and is completely unnecessary and quite honestly a hindrance to humans. One of the biggest issues Sandra Bem has with the way especially western society is set up is the dimension in which it interprets on masculine and feminine a person is. Sandra believes that our society is set up to believe the more masculine a person is the less feminine a person is and vice versa. Bem believes that leads to us teaching our society to produce very unbalanced people. Bem thinks that masculine and feminine exist are their own scale and…

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