An Evaluation Of Myself As A Philosopher Essay

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Huger of Knowledge in Life: An Evaluation of Myself as a Philosopher
A philosopher is nothing else but a friend and lover of wisdom. But why should we care about the study of philosophy? Many people have categorized philosophy as boring, irrelevant, absurd, and even as a waste of time. But the truth is that philosophy is much more than just bunch of unresolved question that leads you nowhere. We believe that there must be a precise answer for everything. But life is much more complex than a mathematic equation. Philosophy is not just an accumulation of knowledge, but rather its application in life. It also motivate us to appreciate the mysteries of life, existence, and reality.
Certainly, the study of philosophy arises from the nature of humans as curious creatures and their desire of understanding how the world works. For example, we do not want to just know whether homosexuality is wrong or right, but we also what to know what desertions to take towards the issue of same-sex marriage base on equality, morality, and the outcomes of the decision. Moreover, philosophy helps us to understand the value and importance of knowledge and its application in life. Actually, I believe philosophy is the main reason for the existence of other sciences. As philosophy arises from the curiosity of humans, we have been able to discover new technologies and medical advances. I would say that philosophy is what we do not know, while science is what we do know. What we now know was first…

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