Graduation Speech : Mrs. Whitelaw 's Cep Class Essay

1561 Words Dec 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Mrs. Whitelaw’s CEP class is the class I looked forward to observing in the most. She and her two TA’s made me feel the most welcomed by greeting me every time I observed in their classrooms (none of the others made me feel unwelcomed). I believe that the welcoming also came from the classroom environment that Mrs. Whitelaw provided her students. The class was covered in the students’ school work and achievements. The classroom also provided escapes to any of the students that needed alone time or a quiet space. There was a room in the classroom designed for students that needed alone time. This space was a closed off office with curtains around the windows and only a beanbag chair inside. The space was a designed for escapism for any student that might have been having a bad day and just needed a place to reset. A secluded corner of the classroom had a desk set up to provide students a quiet space away from the ruckus that may be happening in the class to complete any of their work they were struggling on. There are two TA’s in the classroom. Both assist with teaching and helping the students in their class work. This class period mainly focuses on science lessons for the students with autism. While the students with other less severe disabilities work on their homework from other classes. One of the TA’s will sit down at a table known as the science table where they will work with the students on worksheets regarding different science topics. The other TA works with the…

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