Culture And Influence On Avatar Essay

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Culture and Influence

In her position of leadership, Mo’at reinforces the clan’s current culture, as well as to exert direct influence on the cultural changes that take place as the clan’s social structure evolves. Our first introduction to the character takes place in Hometree as she meets an Avatar prisoner. During her first interaction with Jake Sully in his Avatar form, she challenges the conventions currently held by the Na’vi by allowing Jake, a member of the “Sky people”, the opportunity to learn her people’s ways.

This challenge to the current relationship between the humans in their avatar form is a test to determine how the Omaticaya should treat this particular group of hybrid intruders. At this time, Mo’at holds the view that the humans are unable to learn because they are too full of their own understanding and worldview to learn the ways of the Na’vi.

Her experience with the humans and humans in avatar form has been molded by rapidly deteriorating relations between the mining colony executives and an increase in conflict between the Na’vi and the military stationed on Pandora. A conflict that has already resulted in the death of her daughter at the hands of the human military members after a group of Omaticaya adolescents set fire to mining equipment.

Mo’at is also instrumental in shaping the ideals that her people will strive to live by. The first duty of the Omaticaya is to do the will of Eywa, and as a result live in harmony with Pandora. This is…

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