Goleman's Mixed Model Of Emotional Intelligence

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Till now we have discussed about Goleman’s mixed model of Emotional Intelligence. But prior to that there exists a famous model of EI called ability model by Salovey and Mayer. It is the first model and also base for the Goleman’s model. This model views emotions as sources of valuable information to that helps one to cope up with the society. As emotions are sources of information, this model says that individuals differ in their abilities to process and understand such kind of information. It proposes 4 kind of abilities as stated below.

1. Perceiving the emotions The ability to recognise the emotions of others and self. It is the starting aspect of Emotional Intelligence.

2. Using the emotions
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It is the basic model but has some lack of validity in workplaces. Also, it views emotions as positive and negative rather than appropriate or inappropriate as in mixed model. Thus it is valid to say mixed model suits to the present world’s scenario better.

Before going into measurement of EI, there is another model for Emotional Intelligence called ‘TRAIT MODEL’ which was proposed by Konstantinos Vasilis Petrides. This model says that individual’s trait EI depends on their self-perception of their own Emotional abilities. It doesn’t talk about interpersonal features. This model should be viewed in terms of personality framework.

The measurement of EI in different models is different and has their own advantages. Trait model measures EI by using self reports, which tests more of personality and has limited measures that actually measure Emotional Intelligence.

The mixed model’s measurement of Emotional Intelligence is through ‘Haygroup ECi’ assessment which measure EI ability. It is more related and intended for organisational use. It includes self, managers, peers and direct reports for evaluation, also this model is a complete 360 degree model. This model measure the abilities in terms of 20 variable that are broadly classified into its elements stated
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It tests the EI abilities, by a series of emotion based problem statements. On the basis of performance of individual in each of its branches, It evaluates the score and calculates total score. This model considers EI to be a unique form of social Intelligence or skill making it more oriented for workplace application. The high score in this test means there is a higher overlap between the individual’s answers and worldwide sample score/answers. Also expert score measuring is done by measuring the overlap between the individual’s answers and the answers of 21 Emotional researchers. But question framing is a tough task in this test because the question can’t be framed where only a minority of group answers it, as it won’t be counted until a majority endorses it, thus making this test question the definition of EI as genuine

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