Police Misconduct And The Police Essay

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Police conduct has been up for question in the past couple of years. This issue has come to the attention of the public eye and has started formulation of resolutions to help lower or conclude misconduct. Another resolution is to crack down and discipline misconduct when it does actually happen. A solution that often arises is involving the government by “policing the police”. Another idea was work in the community in which the development of community review boards. the idea of Government policing has its fair share of people for and against. From topics of giving the government too much power, to government power could actually resolve the issue by being over the back of police agencies all over the country.
Police Misconduct
Before I give you examples if misconduct in the police force I fist should tell you what it actually is, Police misconduct refers to inappropriate or illegal actions taken by police officers in connection with their official duties(Avery, 2009). Police misconduct can lead to a misuse of justice and sometimes involves discrimination or obstruction of justice(Avery, 2009). Now given the definition of police misconduct a recent incident probably comes to mind where police misconduct has come to question. Incidents such as what happen in Ferguson, MO in the summer of 2014 where an unarmed black make was shot in cold blood. Details unclear Mr. Brown and a friend were walking down the street and encountered Officer Wilson and within a few minutes an…

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