Global Warming : Causes And Climate Change Essay example

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Over the past few years global warming has been a major topic and a serious concern for a lot of people. Global warming is really important because it’s a factor in the climate in the world and that can alter a lot of things for the world and people. It been a major discussion over the past few years in the politic areas. Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossils. The greenhouse gases allow sunlight to pass through the atmosphere and reach the earth’s surface. Climate change is a cause by both natural and anthropogenic. Climate change has always been something that happens in the world but it seems as if anthropogenic may be happening more than it should.
Anthropogenic climate change is the product of greenhouse gases emitted by humans and the activities performed. Things like industrial carbon dioxide emissions increase temperature. Natural climate change occurs when there is a normal atmospheric change. There are several factors and climate forcing like the plate tectonics, ocean variations, tilting of the planet, and changes in the solar output.
I think global warming is something that is taking place. Global warming has been happening for some time now. The weather doesn’t even match the seasons any more. The warming of the world is recorded everywhere, simplest way to confirm that temperatures increase is through the…

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