Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' The Fall Of The House Of Usher '

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Have you ever watched a movie based on the events of a book or vise versa? Usually the movie follows the events of the book. But not in this case, the movie “The fall of the house of usher” contains some major differences from the book. If I were to just watch the movie, I would have never even know what the book is about. That is how much they differ. There are three major points in which the story and the movie differ. The storylines of both the book and the movie differ by way of a couple characters and the roles in which they play, and also the ending of the story also differs from the book in the way the House of Usher “falls”. As the unknown narrator from the story approaches the house of usher, he describes this dull, gloomy feeling he attracts from the dark and creepy House Of Usher, for example, this is a direct quote from the story stated by the narrator. “There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart.”(page 1, paragraph 1) The narrator felt these sickening feelings of fear and disgust but knew not why he felt them, he said he doesn’t know what makes him feel so “unnerved” about the house. “ What was it that so unnerved me about the contemplation of the house.” In contrast, the movie version of the story displays a man, a man who is now not unknown within the storyline. He is the main character of the movie, and he goes by the name of Philip Winthrop. As Philip approaches the house he gives a quick glance at the house as if, he also had felt unnerved…

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