Argumentative Essay: Books Vs. Movies

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It seems an unfair view to expect a movie about a book to be exactly the same down to every single detail. Communities of fans will always find something wrong with a story, for it has “failed” to match expectation. Books are a place where someone can be dragged into the story and forget about everything else for a short while. Movies do the exact same thing, except it is seen as an easier way than books for a lot of people. Ignoring obvious differences (such as the fact that one is in picture form, and the other is in words), movies and books may not be so different after all. The accuracy of a book to a movie is often blamed on the director. Whether this is true or not, is almost always based on opinion. Long movies are resented a lot of the time, because (enter mild sarcasm) no one cares about those tiny bits of information the author wrote that may or may not become important later in the story. Which is why movies are often only an hour and a half to two and a half hours. …show more content…
This connects to how much money a book or movie will make. Authors get people to read their books mainly because they are already popular in book communities. It works the exact same way with people in the film industry. Their isn’t much advertisement for books when compared to movies. Trailers and advertisements appear all over the internet and television when a movie is going to be in theaters soon. Books usually have announcements from the author, option for pre-ordering the unreleased book, and signs in bookstores and libraries reminding people to “read the book!” Successful and entertaining movies sometimes have not-so-successful books written specifically to glorify the success. See the irony here? The opposite is also true. Books that are loved and collect large amounts of money also have movies made for them that completely “tank” and are awful

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