The Kite Runner Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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Often movies are made out of blockbuster books. Sometimes the movies do a good job of capturing the most important moments from the book and presenting them in the movie. Unfortunately, some movies do not always accurately depict the books they represent with full details. There are many reasons why a movie depiction of a book fails not least of which is because they are only given a couple of hours to tell the whole story in the book. A book is able to go in depth with the character’s emotions and experiences while a movie based on the book is limited by the length of the film. Movies are presented from how a director sees the book and often times does not even use the same dialog that is used in the book. While many movies that are made from books stay true to the book, The Kite Runner movie, directed by Marc Forster, does not give a complete understanding of the book of the same name written by Khaled Hosseini. One of the most important elements from the book, the rape of Hassan by Assef, is not fully depicted in the movie. The rape scene is important to understand the tension between Hassan’s status in life and Amir’s self-centeredness. The reality and brutality of the actual rape highlights Amir’s betrayal of Hassan because Amir does not stand up for Hassan or try to help him afterwards. The complexity of …show more content…
The scenes that are missing are important scenes in the book because they show the intensity of the relationship between the characters. For example by not accurately portraying the rape scene or giving enough detail of Baba’s relationship with Hassan or presenting the fierceness of Amir’s fight with Assef, the viewer does not get to understand the dimensions of the relationship between each of the characters. Some movies made from books do a good job of faithfully retelling the story the author writes but this is not the case with The Kite Runner

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